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Monday, April 25, 2011

My Top 10 Most Thrilling Moments of My Academic High School Career

10. My 10th most thrilling moment would have to be when I got first place in my Freshman Spanish class for making the best pinata. We were all asked to make different themed pinatas for our Spanish unit on Fiestas. My partner and I chose a beach theme. Instead of actually crafting something, we just covered an inner tube and a beach ball with paper mache, taking first prize. The teacher commented on our creativity and all I had to say was that, although I was one of the worst Spanish students in the class, "anything, anything, anything is possible" (302) (Everything Matters!)

9. The 9th greatest accomplishment was getting an A+ on an English essay I wrote on the book Twilight. It was two typed pages long, had 3 paragraphs and was probably one of the worst papers ever. Although, since I got the A, my classmates were "breaking out in peevish jealousies" (106), which was never any good. (Othello)

8. The next was aceing my Modern World History project, which was a video regarding the Russian Royal family the Romanovs. In my group, "All of [us] felt everything" (302). We were awarded candy, and many extra credit points for being the best in the class. It was wonderful. (Everything Matters!)

7. Not failing my first assignment in AP English 11. "When devils with the blackest sins put on" (52) thoughts of me failing my first English assignment, I backhanded them in the face with my 74%. Take that devils. (Othellos)

6. My first B on an assignment in AP English 11. "Well this is the last time I will ever do it," (29) was my original thought about getting a B, and I vowed only to get A's... but I was wrong. poop.

5. My first A on something in AP English. After I got my first A in AP english, I was ecstatic. I was "silent, relaxed and fully awake, a warm package of humanity" (302), seeing as that I had broken through the tantalizing barrier of getting an A on something in English. (Everything Matters!)

4. My first sticker on something in AP English. "I'm not telling you this to make you feel bad" (255), I'm just telling you this so that you know I get alot of stickers and you dont. nanna nanna boo boo!!! (Everything Matters!)

3. My first "great!" comment from Ms. Serensky on something in AP English, or in Ms. Serensky's words, somehting along the lines of, "that is satisfactory." (13) (IOBE)

2. My first A on a Poetry paper in AP English, my first thoughts were, "this is indeed a surprise" (26), but it was one of the best surprises I've ever had. (IOBE)

1. Beating the dream team in the multiple choice extra credit game. "For whiles these honest fools" (52) thought they were the best in the class, but I think not. beating them = BEST MOMENT EVER

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